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 Robotic System for Filliing and Capping Syringes and Vials in an Aseptic Envioronment

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Press Release: TaskMate(R) Aseptic Syringe Filler and Capper

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Model SF20 TaskMate Robotic Syringe Filler

The ESS Technologies, Inc. Model SF20 TaskMate(R) Robotic Aseptic Syringe Fillng and Capping System integrates a FANUC clean class robotic cell with OEM supplied RABS to create a sterile environment for filling and capping syringes. A flexible feeding system feeds syringes to the first robot, an LR200iD clean class from FANUC, which uses vision to pick the syringe and place it on the filling station. The second FANUC LR Mate 200iD robot picks a cap from the tray and places it into the torque station. A servo driven pick and place unit transfers the syringe from the fill station to the final torque station. The robotic system discharges the filled and capped syringes via a divided gravity chute to a customer-supplied discharge bin. In the event of a station error, bad syringes are discharged via the opposite side of the chute for customer inspection.

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  • Specifications  
    Speed Up to15 Syringes Per Minute
    Up to 20 Vials Per Minute
    Filling Range 50Ál to 60ml
    Safety Guarding PLe-rated interlocked, tempered glass RABS
    EOAT Mechanical Gripper
    Changeover Time 10-15 minutes typical
    Standard Voltage 220V, Single Phase, 60Hz (Other voltages available.)
    Product Types Syringes, Vials
    Cap Types Screw caps, push-on caps

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