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MB Series Monoblock Filler/Capper

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Application Note: Precision Filling and Capping with MB Series Net Weigh Filling Systems

Feature Article with Cover: "Filling Efficiecncy" published in Pharmaceutical and Medical Packaging News November 2009.PDF File

Video: MB120 for Boston Round Pharma Bottles

Video: MB120 for Small Pharma Bottles

Video: MB40 Capping Dropper Tips

White Paper: Five Innovations for Precision Filling and Capping

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MB120 Monoblock Filler Capper

The ESS Technologies, Inc. Monoblock Filler Capper provides an automated solution for filling and capping liquids or powders at a rate of  up to 120 bottles per minute (bpm). The Monoblock Filler/Capper provides mechanical controls for lower filling speeds (up to 60 bottles per minute) and servo controls for high speed output of 100bpm or more. The large, full color touch screen allows the operator to adjust the servo controls for the diving nozzles as well as the pump fill rates. The machine has an ergonomic design offering a balcony frame for ease of inspection, maintenance, and quick size changeover. Features include liquid or powder filling systems, batch or process filling, positive shut off nozzles, and reject conveyor. The Monoblock Filler/Capper may be equipped with insertion systems for custom caps or pump, plugs, stoppers, or actuators, cosmetic neck rings or collars.

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Specifications Model MB120 Model MB60(M) Model MB40
Speed 120 Bottles per Minute 60 Bottles per Minute 40 Bottles per Minute
Changeover Time 15-20 Minutes Typical 15-20 Minutes Typical 15-20 Minutes Typical
Pitch Dual Pitch Single Pitch Single Pitch
Drive and Fill Systems Servo Servo (Mechanical) Mechanical
System Controls Touch Screen Touch Screen Touch Screen
Product Types Creams, Powders, Non-flammable Liquids Creams, Powders, Non-flammable Liquids Creams, Powders, Non-flammable Liquids
Bottle Size Range Round: 1" to 6" high; 0.25" to 3" diameter; Irregular: 1" to 6" high; 0.25" to 2" LxW
Filling Range 1 to 500 ml 1 to 500 ml 1 to 500 ml
Standard Voltages 208V, 240V, 480V, 3-Phase, 60Hz

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