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Mini Monoblock Filler/Capper

New Ultra Compact Mini Monoblock Filler/Capper for Pharmaceutical, Diagnostic and Cosmetic Filling Applications

Model MB25 Mini Monoblock Filler/CapperAugust 2012, Blacksburg, VA —ESS Technologies, Inc. introduces the new Model MB25 Mini Monoblock Filler/Capper. Engineered for pharmaceutical, diagnostic, and cosmetic filling/capping applications, the cost effective mechanical drive, filling, and capping systems handle up to 60 small bottles, tubes or micro-vials per minute. Gravity chutes allow the operator to manually feed containers, caps, and plugs to the starwheel for automatic placement, creating a highly compact and affordable Monoblock filler/capper system. Available in single pitch or dual pitch configurations, the MB25 offers a range of filling options for liquids, powders and creams. The mini monoblock also handles a wide variety of closure types, including screw-on caps, push-on caps, pumps, dispensers and stoppers.

The MB25 is ergonomically designed for easy inspection, maintenance and quick size changeover and uses sturdy aluminum tubular construction. Containers index directly into the multi-station starwheel which features No Bottle-No Fill-No Cap standard. Fill times may be independent of the starwheel to allow for various fluid fill rates, and the starwheel is mechanically driven with a precision zero-backlash indexer. Each station is inspected to ensure proper fill levels and correct placement of plugs and caps.


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An optional automatic reject may be ordered to remove incorrect containers from the production process. Correct containers exit via a discharge conveyor, or the MB25 may be integrated with a robotic unloading station or other means to convey containers to downstream labeling or packaging equipment. Size changeover is easy and quick, usually less than 15 minutes. Available quick changeover options can reduce this time to less than five (5) minutes. Interlocked and gasketed Lexan machine safety guarding prevents injury to the operator. Optional vibratory or centrifugal bottle, plug and cap feeders may be integrated with the MB25 to create a fully automated filling and capping line. The system can automatically insert plugs, reducers, dropper tips, and brushes into the container prior to capping. Caps are secured using a mechanical placement and pre-torque mechanism as well as a final torque mechanism. Servo drive, filling, and capping systems may also be ordered as an option. Allen Bradley PLC and PanelView Plus 600 touchscreen HMI controls are standard with the MB25, and other control options may be specified.

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