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Cartoners, Case Packers and Palletizers for Pharmaceutical Serialization Mandates

V30 Robotic Case Packer with Integrated Serialization SystemFebruary 2016, Blacksburg, VA — As pharmaceutical manufacturers face the 2017 deadline to meet serialization mandates, ESS has redesigned its line of cartoners, case packers, and robotic palletizers to integrate easily with off-the-shelf serialization systems from the industry’s leading OEMs. ESS Technologies works with manufacturers of track and trace serialization systems to integrate our cartoners, case packers, and pallet cells with the latest technology for pharmaceutical serialization. ESS engineers seamlessly combine all the necessary components, including inspection systems, cameras, and labelers, to ensure a semi or fully automatic track and track solution. As a system integrator, ESS has installed dozens of packaging machines integrated with off-the-shelf serialization systems.

The track-and-trace-friendly line of packaging machines includes the SC Series horizontal cartoners, VC30 Series vertical cartoners, CEL5 Series and V30 Series robotic case packers, and WA Series wrap around case packers. Products are labeled or marked with a unique ID code that is tracked and recorded from the infeed to case loading. This code is read at the cartoner or case packer infeed to ensure each product is tracked. ESS engineers have designed sensor-equipped end effectors that verify the presence of all bottles, bundles, etc. in the pack pattern as it is robotically picked and case packed. All information regarding the contents of each carton and case is stored in a PC provided with the serialization equipment. The PC interface communicates with ESS machinery as well as ancillary equipment such as labelers, which allows the serialization information to be applied to the outside of the cases. Track and trace cameras inspect the case load prior to sealing, and incorrectly loaded cases are rejected automatically from the production stream.


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The process of serialization extends to end-of-line palletizing, and ESS’ Robotic Mini Cell Palletizer offers a compact solution that can be integrated directly with ESS case packers. Case serialization labels may be verified by sensors at the infeed, or the robot may pick the case and present it to a camera for inspection prior to palletizing. Cases with incorrect labels are automatically rejected by the system. Robot end effectors can be fitted with sensors and programmed to place the case on the pallet so that the case label is visible on the outside. Pallets may also be labeled with track and trace serialization information. The complete packaging line offers high reliability in a small space, requires minimal operator training, and can be changed over in twenty minutes or less.

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ESS Technologies, Inc., founded in 1993, specializes in complete packaging line design, manufacture, and integration. Our product expertise includes monoblock fillers/cappers, horizontal cartoners, vertical cartoners, robotic case packers, wrap around case packers, TaskMate(R) robotic systems, and robotic pallet cells. Engineered for reliability and efficiency, ESS Technologies provides innovative packaging machinery and integration.
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