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New Modular Robotic Case Erector and Case Closer/Sealer
June 2017 - ESS designed the new Model CE15 Robotic Case Erector and CS15 Modular Case Sealer to integrate easily with existing case packing lines. Read full release.

Collaborative Robotic Pallet Cell Helps Reduce Workplace Injuries.
April 2017 — ESS Technologies, Inc. has redesigned its best-selling Robotic Mini Pallet Cell to incorporate FANUC’s new CR-35iA Collaborative Robot. Read full release.

New TaskMate(R) Robotic Aseptic Syringe Filler and Capper
December 2016, Blacksburg, VA — ESS Technologies announces the new TaskMateŽ Robotic Syringe Filler and Capper. The system integrates two (2) FANUC clean class LR Mate robots with OEM-supplied RABS (Restricted Access Barrier System) to meet the stringent requirements for 503B sterile pharmaceutical compounding applications. Read full release.

V30HS Robotic Case Packer with Integrated OEM Serialization System at PharmaExpo Booth W-788 in Chicago this Nov.
June 20116, Blacksburg, VA — To meet upcoming 2017 serialization mandates facing pharmaceutical manufacturers, ESS Technologies, Inc., has integrated our Model V30HS High Speed Robotic Case Packer with off-the-shelf serialization equipment to create a compact, fully automated system for aggregating and serializing case contents during the case packing process. Read full release.

Cartoners, Case Packers, and Robotic Palletizers for Pharmaceutical Serialization Mandates
February 2016, Blacksburg, VA — As pharmaceutical manufacturers face the 2017 deadline to meet serialization mandates, ESS has redesigned its line of cartoners, case packers, and robotic palletizers to integrate easily with off-the-shelf serialization systems from the industry’s leading OEMs. Read full release.

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Vial Filling and Capping System Integrates with Robotic Tray Loader
September 2015, Blacksburg, VA —ESS Technologies will demonstrate the equipment in Las Vegas in September at the Pharma Expo in Booth #N-623. Read full release.

ESS TaskMate(R) with FANUC M-1iA Robot Provides Automatic Blister Loader for Starview Packaging Machinery
October 2014, Blacksburg, VA — ESS Technologies has integrated the TaskMate(R) Robotic Blister Loading System with a Starview Packaging Machinery blister sealing machine to create a fully automatic system for loading and sealing blister packages. Read full release.

TaskMate(R) Robotic Loading System Demonstrated with Alloyd Blister Sealing Machine at Pack Expo
August 2013, Blacksburg, VA — ESS Technologies has integrated the TaskMate(R) Robotic Blister Loading System with a Starview Packaging Machinery FAB Series rotary type blister sealing machine to create a fully automatic system for loading and sealing blister packages. Read full release.

New Ultra Compact Mini Monoblock Filler/Capper for Pharmaceutical, Diagnostic and Cosmetic Filling Applications
August 2012, Blacksburg, VA —ESS Technologies, Inc. introduces the new Model MB25 Mini Monoblock Filler/Capper. Engineered for pharmaceutical, diagnostic, and cosmetic filling/capping applications, the cost effective mechanical drive, filling, and capping systems handle up to 60 small bottles, tubes or micro-vials per minute...Read full release.

ESS Technologies Introduces Cost-Effective Mechanical Monoblock Filler/Capper Machine
June 2012, Blacksburg, VA — ESS Technologies, Inc. has expanded its line of Monoblock Filler/Capper machines to include the new MB 60M, a fully mechanical option to the popular MB60 servo machine. By incorporating mechanical mechanisms for the drive, filling, and capping mechanisms, this newest model in the MB Series provides a very cost-effective, high quality solution for filling and capping liquids and creams at up to 60 bottles per minute...Read full release.

New Model SA-5 Semi Automatic Case Packer Offers Cost-Effective Alternative to Manual Case Packing
ESS Technologies, Inc.’s new Model SA-5 Semi Automatic Case Packer provides a cost-effective solution to automate manual case packing processes without the need to invest in expensive machinery. The compact system provides an automated infeed...Read full release.  

ESS Technologies, Inc. Selected to Participate in Virginia’s VALET Program
ESS Technologies, Inc. has been selected by the Virginia Economic Development Partnership (VEDP) to participate in the VEDP two-year Virginia Leaders in Export Trade (VALET) program. As a supplier of automated packaging machinery for packaging pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, cosmetics, medical devices, diagnostics and consumer goods, ESS has exported machinery... Read full release.

New WA Series Wrap Around Case Packer Offers Compact Footprint ESS Technologies, Inc.’s new WA Series Wrap Around Case Packers uses a servo driven loader to create a wrap around style case packing system. The modular design can be ordered in one of three base machine lengths, depending on the requirements of the application... Read full release.

TaskMate(TM) Robotic Loading System Demonstrated with Alloyd Blister Sealing Machine at Pack Expo The ESS Technologies, Inc. TaskMateTM Robotic Loading System combines a FANUC LR Mate mini robot with ESS-designed equipment to create a system that reduces repetitive motion in loading blister sealing machines and other types of packaging machinery. ESS Technologies, Inc. will be demonstrating the TaskMate™ with our OEM partner, Tegrant Corporation — Alloyd Brands at PackExpo 2011...Read full release.

Robotic Cartoner Infeed Reduces Required Space and Increases Productivity ESS Technologies, Inc. new robotic cartoner infeed integrates with new or existing automatic cartoning machines, allowing manufactures to easily automate manual carton loading processes or retrofit other bulkier types of product infeed systems... Read full release.

Operator-Friendly Compact Horizontal Cartoner Easily Integrates Into Packaging Lines May 2011, Blacksburg, VA — ESS Technologies, Inc. introduces the SC Series Automatic Horizontal Cartoners. The compact design is available in two configurations to accommodate either narrow or wide pitches, allowing the cartoners to handle a range of carton sizes...Read full release.

Robotic Flexible Feeding System Eliminates Expensive, Bulky Bowl Feeders February 2011, Blacksburg, VA — ESS Technologies, Inc. TaskMate Flexible Feeding Systems offer a cost-effective, compact alternative to bulky, expensive bowl feeding systems...Read full release.

Monoblock Filler/Capper Servo Capping and Torque Stations Provide Precise High Speed Cap Handling September 2010, Blacksburg, VA — ESS Technologies, Inc.’s next-generation monoblock filler/capper design features servo driven cap placement and torque systems. Able to operate at speeds up to 120 bottles per minute, the unique design allows caps... Read full release.

New Automatic Top Cap Former Integrates With Robotic Pallet Cell for Retail-Ready Displays
July 2010, Blacksburg, VA — ESS Technologies, Inc., introduces an automatic top cap forming system that allows manufacturers to fully automate the creation of retail-ready display pallets and pallets that require top caps between layers for additional stability...Read full release.

Robotic Machine Loading Reaches Top Speeds by Integrating the New FANUC M-1iA Robot
May 2010, Blacksburg, VA — ESS Technologies, Inc. has developed a robotic system that integrates FANUC’s new M-1iA delta style robot. The system incorporates custom ESS-designed end-of-arm-tooling (EOAT) and programming to create a very compact system...Read full release.

Monoblock Filler/Capper with Integrated Net Weigh System Offers High Precision Filling
January 2010, Blacksburg, VA — ESS Technologies, Inc. integrates net weigh capability with its Monoblock Filler/Capper to create a very precise filling system for bottles, micro-tubes, vials, and syringes....Read full release.

V30P Robotic Case Packer/Palletizer Cell Reduces Required Floor Space for End-of-Line Packaging
November 2009, Blacksburg, VA — Designed specifically for packaging facilities that have limited floor space, the ESS Technologies, Inc. Model V30P...Read full release.

ESS Technologies, Inc. New Monoblock Filler/Capper Design Eliminates Infeed Conveyor for Exceptional Handling of Micro-Tubes and Micro-Vials
September 2009, Blacksburg, VA — The ESS Technologies, Inc. Monoblock Filler/Capper for Micro-Tubes and Micro-Vials incorporates the latest technology to create a high speed system for automatic precision filling and capping....Read full release.

New High Speed Robotic Pallet Cell Integrates Pallet Dispenser and Flow-Through Conveyor for Very Small Footprint
April 2009 — ESS Technologies, Inc. has created a complete system for high speed palletizing of RSC cases in a very small footprint. Able to palletize 25-30 cases per minute...Read full release.

Robotic Systems Increase Flexibility and Productivity in Multi-SKU Packaging Lines
March 2009 — Ongoing demands for faster production speeds, greater flexibility and faster return on investment make the TaskMate Robotic System ideal for multi-SKU packaging lines...Read full release.

Custom Components Increase Flexibility and Performance of Monoblock Fillers/Cappers
February 2009 — The Monoblock Filler/Capper incorporates custom components to create a complete system for filling and capping bottles, vials, ...Read full release.

End-to-End Solution for High Speed Diagnostic Test Kit Assembly and Packaging
April 2008 — ESS Technologies, Inc., custom designed and built a complete end-to-end solution for the high speed assembly and packaging of diagnostic test kits. The system integrates material handling, product feeding and packaging equipment..Read full release.

ESS Technologies, Inc. Offers Monoblock Filler/Capper with Intrinsically Safe Controls
February 2008, Blacksburg, VA — ESS Technologies, Inc. introduces the "MB-XP" Monoblock Filler/Capper with intrinsically safe controls...Read full release.

Integrated Robotics and Custom End-of-Arm-Tooling Provide Solutions for Automated Machine Loading
January 2008, Blacksburg, VA — ESS Technologies, Inc., an authorized FANUC system integrator, integrates a FANUC robot with ESS custom-designed end-of-arm-tooling to create the TaskMate™ Robotic Loading System. The TaskMate™ is ideal for automating machine loading... Read full release.

Robotic Palletizer Cell Offers Small Footprint and Flexible Configurations
November 2007, Blacksburg, VA —
The ESS Robotic Mini Palletizer Cell incorporates a FANUC M-16iC robot to create single pallet, dual pallet, and multiple pallet cell configurations...Read full release.

Servo Controls Drive ESS Technologies, Inc. Precision Monoblock Powder Filler/Capper
October 2007, Blacksburg, VA — The ESS Technologies, Inc. Monoblock Powder Filler/Capper incorporates a Spee-DeeŽ servo-driven auger filler and touch screen controls to simplify powder filling in pharmaceutical, medical device, diagnostic test kit, and cosmetics applications...Read full release.

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