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Press Release: New Modular Robotic Case Erector and Case Closer/Sealer

Press Release: Collaborative Robotic Pallet Cell Helps Reduce Workplace Injuries

NEW Modular Case Erector and Case Sealer (CE/CS Series)

NEW Robotic Aseptic Syringe Filler and Capper

White Paper: Cartoners, Case Packers, and Palletizers for Track and Trace Serialization of Pharmaceutical Packaging Lines

ESS Technologies, Inc. designs, manufactures, and integrates packaging machinery and robotics for packaging pharmaceuticals, medical devices, diagnostics, nutraceuticals, consumer products, and cosmetics. Our packaging solutions include:

  • Monoblock Fillers / Cappers
  • Horizontal Cartoners
  • Auto-bottom Cartoners
  • TaskMate(R) Robotic Systems
  • Case Erectors and Case Sealers
  • Case Packers (V30 Series, CEL5 Series)
  • Wrap Around Case Packers
  • Robotic Palletizers and Depalletizers
  • Collaborative Robotic Pallet Cells
  • Medical Device Assembly Systems
  • Integrated OEM Equipment
  • Custom Designed Systems
  • Integrated Track and Trace Solutions
  • Turnkey Services for Complete Packaging Line Design, Manufacture, and Installation

    Packaging Machines for Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics and Medical Devices

    About ESS Technologies, Inc.

    ESS Technologies HeadquartersESS Technologies, Inc., founded in 1993, specializes in complete packaging line design, equipment manufacturing, and integration. We are a strategic partner with FANUC America for robotic secondary packaging and palletizing of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Engineered for reliability and efficiency, ESS Technologies’ innovative solutions offer tomorrow’s packaging technology today.

    As a system integrator, ESS offers packaging machinery with integrated serialization systems to meet pharmaceutical track and trace mandates. ESS has extensive experience integrating our cartoners, case packers, and robotic palletizers with serialization systems from OEMs. ESS works seamlessly with today's industry leaders in off-the-shelf serialization track and trace equipment to create end-to-end packaging lines that can meet the emerging standards for pharmaceutical e-pedigree.

    ESS Technologies, Inc.
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